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    Research & Development

    Research & Development
    • The company has deployed qualified engineers and following equipments to develop cost effective & quality coatings solutions –.

    • Twin-Screw Extruder & ACM
      Twin-Screw Extruder & ACM

      Key feature: The lab is having a miniature production line?that can produce the powder sample from?500 grams to 5 kgs.

Particle Size Analyser from Microtrac
      Particle Size Analyser from Microtrac

      Key feature: The patented Tri-Laser system provides accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications by utilizing the proven theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles and the proprietary principle of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles.

    • Sunset CPS from Atlas
      Sunset CPS from Atlas

      Key feature: CPS+ is the most widely used benchtop xenon instrument in the world. Its compact design, easy handling and proven reliability make it the ideal quality control and R&D screening device.

    • QUV from Q-Lab
      QUV from Q-Lab

      Key feature: The QUV accelerated weathering tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. In a few days or weeks, the QUV tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

    • Salt Spray tester from Presto
      Salt Spray tester from Presto

      Key feature: The sample can be subjected to a temperature range varying from ambient to 60°C. (Temp. Requirement 35 +/- 2°C) with a temperature accuracy of +/-1 °C.

    • Crockmeter from Presto
      Crockmeter from Presto

      Key feature: A Crockmeter is used for the determination of colour Fastness of textiles against rubbing under either DRY or WET condition.

    • Cross Hatch from BYK-Gardner GmbH
      Cross Hatch from BYK-Gardner GmbH

      Key feature: The cross cut test, also described as cross-hatch, uses a blade to cut through the coating to the substrate. At least two cuts are made that intersect at 90 degrees to get a right angle lattice pattern. The cross-cut area is observed for any adhesion failure.

    • Colour Matching Cabinet from JB
      Colour Matching Cabinet from JB

      Key feature: It provides D-65 light to match shade under standard setup conditions. Other set of lights are also available to match shades under different lights like TL84 etc.

    • Spectrophotometer from Hunter Lab
      Spectrophotometer from Hunter Lab

      Key feature: This instruments duplicate how our eyes see colour. Our spectrophotometers measure the product colour and give numerical values that correlate to what you see. These objective measurements optimize the confidence of your quality decisions.

    • DFT Meter from Electrophysik
      DFT Meter from Electrophysik

      Key feature: Handy, universally applicable coating thickness gauge with integrated probes, cable probes and interchangeable internal and external probes.





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